At Pinnacle we believe that everyone needs to be active, and we mean EVERYONE!!!! There is an issue in our society with being sedentary and having little movement, and in turn people are experiencing adverse effects. Pain while doing daily activities, inability to be outside, not experiencing life to it's fullest potential, and the list goes on. We wanted to make a change in the world and really help people with this problem; and what better way than to build a fitness facility?! Everyone here is welcome to be exactly who they are while improving their physical health. A lot of times, people can be self conscious of their current situation because life "got in the way" and we put our health to the back burner. This is totally understandable, so at Pinnacle, we want to help with getting back on track! We truly are a judge free facility. What we care about is this; you are a human being, and so are the rest of us. Everyone wants to truly live, and that doesn't happen at your desk job or in front of the television set. It happens out in the world! In nature! But let's face it, if most of your time is spent not being active, that makes doing those things much more difficult! Improving your cardiorespiratory function and your strength with resistance training is a great place to start.

We also know that there is another part of our society that has made the transition into focusing on their health. The beauty of Pinnacle is in our name, which can be defined as the highest point of a mountain or rock. Here, you decide where that point is, whether it's setting a world record deadlift, beating your own PR (personal record) in the squat, or making it to the NFL! Regardless of how high you plan to climb, you can do it here! There are others here continually reaching their pinnacle to find that there's another mountain with a higher summit; so they keep climbing. 

We believe you have the ability to set a goal, and climb the challenging terrain to reach it. At Pinnacle we are all climbing, so join us.

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Ryan Sensenig

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

It became apparent to me at some point in life, that there were people that would like to be more active and participate in outdoor activities, but couldn't do them because they allowed their health to not be a priority. With the beginning of Pinnacle and this realization, it was clear to me that being a personal trainer and helping people to a healthier life would be my way to truly help! I became certified as a personal trainer through ACE, The American Council on Exercise. I since have completed a course on fitness nutrition, and am currently working on a biomechanics program focusing on the proper movement of the human body to help clients experiencing joint pains. I plan to continue my education, ultimately as long as I'm able, and be as knowledgeable as possible.

If you are looking to change your life and you don't know where to start, please contact me, I can help! If you are at a point in your fitness where you aren't sure what is next, I can show you your options! It doesn't matter where you are in life, I will work with you, and together we will reach goals!


Keegan Hartman

NASM Certified Personal Trainer (I.P.)

I have always had an interest in being healthy and active! My most enjoyable memories are outdoors with friends and family! Pinnacle Strength and Fitness is a direct reflection on my belief that with time and effort, you can do exactly what you set your mind to! We can help you with your outdoor performance, sports conditioning, power lifting, body building, whatever it is you want to work on! I love our gym and I love being able to help people with progress!