Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

I encourage you to analyze some of the ways that you think. The way that you utilize your mind and the things you allow or do not allow to occupy it will greatly effect every aspect of your life, from health to happiness.

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” -Marcus Aurelius

“Life is what you make it, so why don’t you make it a beautiful one full of happiness and joy.” -Anurag Prakash Ray

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” -Jesus Christ

“If you tell yourself you can’t, you won’t. If you tell yourself that you can and will, then you’re on the way to achieving anything.” -Ryan Sensenig

This all was confirmed for me recently, when I was letting myself get too wrapped up in work and business, and neglecting valuable time I need for myself. After a week of multiple debates and/or arguments with people around me, it was clear I needed a little self evaluation to figure things out. Knowing what I needed to do, I went home, scavenged for a bunch of twigs and branches, built a fire, and sat on the ground staring in hopes that watching this incredible event that transfers energy from wood into flame would enlighten me to my situation. There was no surprise that while staring into the flame I found thoughts on my mind invading me with negativity and stress that were causing anxiety. Thoughts that I suppressed because of being busy or things out of my control causing fear or worry. The time by the fire without distraction allowed me to acknowledge these thoughts one by one and deal with them according. I devised a plan to fix the items that needed fixed and I dismissed the thoughts that were far from accurate and simply put, destructive. Afterwards I could feel that an enormous load of stress had been lifted from me and I felt like a completely different person!

These quotes are much easier said than done, which is why we tend to brush them off and say, “Sure, dream world, whatever, tried that.” Part of my passion behind owning a gym and personal training is overcoming difficulties. Physical achievements give us confidence to conquer many things, even thoughts! If someone comes in at their lowest state of being that has let themselves become unhealthy, and they start reaching goals and changing their lives, the happiness is overflowing for one thing, but confidence starts to appear with movements and other aspects of their life! Honestly, it takes dedicating time to your body and to understanding your mind, figuring out the things that ale you (sometimes that means looking at painful things from your life or fixing bad habits) and embracing the things that aid you. Meditation, journaling, exercise, hanging out with loved ones, spending time away from mindless behaviors, counseling, church, and many others are great solutions!

The Power of the Mind and Body

What I’m talking about isn’t a new idea, practices like yoga, tai chi, meditation, prayer, etc. are all known as mind body practices, because the mind is not something that can be neglected, it also needs to be strengthened and treated well.

When I worked in the titanium industry, playing jokes and pranks was a simple way to pass the time through monotony of the job. So at the start of the shift, my co-worker Curt says to me, “I heard you can talk people into feeling sick, lets try it on Bruce!” Bruce walks in with his coffee in hand stirring the creamer with his straw as always. Curt says right away, “Man Bruce, you don’t look very good at all. Are you feeling OK?” So I chimed in with something similar. His response was that he felt fine. As we got a few others in on the prank, Bruce started questioning how he felt (and he even started taking on the appearance of not feeling well in his face), and by the middle of the shift he went home sick. I learned a few things from this; 1, do not let others influence your thoughts that much, and 2, your mind has the ability to determine how your body feels!

My question to you is, what messages are you (or the people you spend your time around) sending your body with your mind? Negative, painful, damaging, toxic thoughts that create a toxic physical environment, or happy, uplifting, positive thoughts that makes your mind and body feel good?

Healthy Mind

Regularly I meet people with anxiety and stress and it is without a doubt that there is a better way to live! One thing I have read that stayed with me is: the mind wants to convince you that everything is more serious than it really is. This has lead me to tell myself as long as I’m still breathing, how bad can it be? Sure there will be difficulties and struggles, but hold on to hope and faith and stay positive. Colin O’Brady burned majority of his body in an accident, was told that he would never walk the same again. His Mother, although crying and in shambles outside his room, would walk into him with positivity and gave him something to set his mind to. She encouraged him to set a goal on something he would like to achieve in life, he picked a triathlon. He went on to win many events, which also led to him setting world records, one of them being the first to cross Antartica alone!

The power of the human body and mind are so incredible that it’s difficult for us to fathom their capabilities. Have you ever had a cut and not seen a doctor? It heals. Your body can heal itself! The mind can do the same thing if we stop injuring it! Give it the time away from harmful things, ask a counselor for guidance, or talk to God and be positive you can live a different way. Living with stress and anxiety is not a life long diagnosis. It can be remedied if you believe it and take the necessary steps (I’m sure there are exceptions and other approaches would be necessary such as medications, but I feel that we run to the doctors and pharmacy’s too quickly in our society).

In short, the mind and the body are business partners; one takes care of paperwork and the other takes care of the product. Without someone doing the paperwork, the product can’t be produced, and without someone making the product, the paperwork is obsolete.

Ryan Sensenig