Gym Membership

Membership: $30.00 per month, paid by auto withdrawal from checking or savings account. Members receive 24/7 access to the gym with a $5.00 deposit for the access card.

No contract or start up fee

10% discount for families

Day Pass: $5.00 for the day

Personal Training

1 on 1 sessions: 1/2 hr or 1 hr - Call for pricing!

-Power lifting -Strength training -Sports Conditioning -General Fitness -Weight Loss -Pain Remediation -Beginner -Athlete -HIIT

Partner sessions: 1 hr - Call for pricing!

-Strength training -General Fitness -Weight Loss -HIIT

Group sessions: up to 5 individuals 1 hr -Call for pricing!

-General Fitness -Weight Loss -HIIT

Equipment Spotlight

We understand that a workman is only as good as the tools that he uses (to some degree of course), which is why we make sure to have high quality bars and machines. We have a wide variety of bars and many different items to change up your routine and keep the body guessing!


Cardio Equipment

Heart health and the cardiorespiratory system are the key roles to success in being active and living a prosperous life! We have all the necessities in making sure that your ticker is ticking! This equipment will also remove the heavy breathing from traveling upstairs to bed!



This piece of equipment allows for squatting heavy weight without needing to walk out. After lifting the barbell, the hooks swing out of the way so the lifter can perform a squat in place. Resistance bands are around the base to help introduce variation into your squats.


Athletic Training Platform

This piece of equipment is extremely versatile and can be used for many applications based upon specific needs. Placing the belt around the waist allows the excess loading of the lower body to overload muscles and keep the nervous system guessing!


Reverse Hyper

The inventor of this machine opted out of having spinal fusion because it would be detrimental to his power lifting. He used this to rehabilitate his back to regular health and continued pushing his body to new strengths! This is the opposite of a hyper extension or roman chair, where the torso is secure on the pad and the feet swing freely.


Inverse Curl

This machine is used to train the hamstrings in a closed kinetic chain, where the feet are stationary and the body is in motion, allowing the entire posterior chain to be engaged. Which, is critical during competitive lifts, sports, and everyday life.