Our Story


You know how most gyms never seem to deliver on their end of the deal? Unnecessary equipment, poor quality bars (that are bent from weight), Useless and redundant machines, rows and rows of cardio equipment… the list goes on! We were tired of the commercial gym setting, the planet fitness movement, the high intensity gyms that couldn’t care less about good form or technique (starts with cross and ends with fit). We were trying to find a place that would fit exactly what we were looking for and needed, but to no avail!

So, we created a facility for the true fitness lover, just like us, with everything needed to always improve!

We have gone above and beyond the standard for fitness and strive to be the best, and to help people be their best! Knowledge has great power, and that leads to great results! The information and equipment is here if you want it!

The runner that wants to achieve a better 5k time, the linebacker that needs to bulk up for next season, the powerlifter training for new personal records (PR) at the next competition, the body builder preparing for the next show, the basketball player that needs to jump higher! We want you here!

Working hard can lead to aches and discomfort, so we have taken a lot of time and effort into learning ways to avoid injury, we utilize proper form and understand technique, and have found ways to improve injury to get back on our feet faster!