Pinnacle memberships are perfect for those who…

…want to have the opportunity to progress to the next level of strength and fitness
…are not afraid to use mostly free weights
…have been strength training but don’t understand what they are doing or why
…want to know the CORRECT way to progress strength to avoid injury or recover from injury
…desire to be with a community dedicated to putting in the work without the nonsense found elsewhere


General Membership


-Unlimited access to the facility during hours


Pro Membership


-Unlimited access to the facility during hours
-Monthly (4 week) programming based on individual goals
Having direction and knowing what to do improves results, increases motivation, and builds confidence!


Elite Membership


-Unlimited access to the facility during hours
-One on one assessments with a trainer: Well being, nutrition, posture, core, and movement
-Specific monthly (4 week) programming based around assessment results and individual goals
-Program and exercise review with a trainer
-Monthly consultation with trainer and program review
-4 month re-assessments
The elite membership is for the individual that wants to optimize their efforts in every way possible! Review on critical areas such as sleep, nutrition, and fitness will take your overall well being to full potential!


Month to Month

All memberships are no contract and paid monthly through auto payments using a credit card, checking, or savings account. NO SIGN UP FEE!