Denise K.

-Training Client

As a middle-aged woman who had not been taking very good care of myself over the last 10+ years, I was dealing with a lot of health issues. I had gained so much weight that I was considered morbidly obese, and I had received a total hip replacement & 2 total knee replacements - all before I had turned 50! I was in constant pain & limited as to what I could do. I avoided stairs as much as possible, and couldn't enjoy family bike rides & other outdoor activities. My whole life was affected negatively by my debilitating health. After losing a significant amount of weight, I began training with Ryan. Honestly, I was so scared of even going to that first session! I was worried about embarrassing myself,  and that a trainer wouldn't understand the limitations I had because of my joint replacements. During my first session, I expressed those concerns to Ryan & he was awesome at coming up with some alternatives to help me get through the session. I was so excited & relieved that the experience had been positive! I began to train weekly, and eventually twice per week. Ryan has helped me to become stronger both physically & mentally, and I can do things now that I really shouldn't be able to do! I was told that I wouldn't be able to kneel/crawl ever again, but I can! This past summer, I was able to enjoy & keep up with my family on a 22 mile bike ride along the beach in MA. That was monumental for me! It was also the first camping trip we'd taken in a few years that I wasn't in constant pain, and actually had energy! Who knows what next summer will bring! I highly recommend Ryan Sensenig at Pinnacle Strength & Fitness, no matter what level of fitness you're at currently!

Darian T.

-Pinnacle Member

I was training at Pinnacle for over a year or so and started to get really interested in power lifting and working to my full potential. I was doing everything I could and was making some progress, but I wanted more! I talked to Ryan about working on a training program to optimize my routine and improve my main three lifts; squat, bench, and deadlift. He created a workout based off my needs and after 14 weeks I improved my squat by 20 pounds, my bench press by 15 pounds, and my deadlift by 35 pounds!!! Very happy with the results of the routine, and I love the equipment! You can't find the quality needed to make real progress at most commercial gyms. I love it here!

Jon M.

-Pinnacle Member

Without a doubt the best gym I've been to. Has everything you need, is open whenever you need it to be, and the owners are there to help you out every step of the way. Active duty military, and every day I'm home I make sure to spend my time at Pinnacle Strength and Fitness to improve my self mentally and physically.