Personal Training


At Pinnacle, we love to help our clients and members, and we want to help you too! Here, clients have gone from living on a couch and out of shape, to losing weight and running a 5k and feeling better than ever before! Some clients have discovered strengths beyond what they ever imagined and have even participated in power lifting competitions at Pinnacle and through other federations! Our clients with grandchildren are spending their time crawling and playing, just like the youngsters, and loving life! Clients have come in with low back and many other pains, to performing movements they only dreamed of without discomfort! We are positive we can help you achieve your goals! Scroll down to read some success stories from some of our clients!

Ryan Sensenig

I have worked with many people looking to better themselves, and have also worked with clients looking to improve their performance in sports and weight training! I have a very strong understanding of lifting technique and form, and am able to help someone work through or around aches and pains. One client in particular had meniscus and ligament surgeries on both knees and is now squatting with confidence and competing in power lifting, with impressive numbers as well! I am more than confident that whatever level you are currently at, I can help you! I have successfully helped many individuals, from recovering from spinal disc injury and surgery to nationally qualified body builders.

I have competed in power lifting competitions, and spend my vacations being active, such as hiking, kayaking, bicycling, winter sports, and pretty much anything outdoors! Obstacle course races are new to me, and they are certainly a lot of fun!



Becky V.

-Training Client

“I started training 1:1 sessions at Pinnacle about 10 months ago, primarily for weight loss and increasing strength. I have more than doubled my strength and my before/after pics blow my mind. I never would have guessed that I would be deadlifting 405lbs and preparing for my first official competition. They have helped me find strength I never knew I had- both physical and mental. The progress I have made is absolutely invaluable. Pinnacle has brilliant trainers and are extremely knowledgeable in the field. Not to mention they are adept at over coming all my aches and pains in addition to my own mental constructs. The gym is really unique with great equipment and the members are unbelievably supportive. Definitely an amazing atmosphere. 10/10 highly recommend the gym and Pinnacle’s PT services.”

Sarah S.

-Training Client

“Great boutique gym with an encouraging atmosphere. I train at Pinnacle twice a week. They are extremely knowledgeable and create custom workout plans catered to your goals. They know how and when to push me while still acknowledging my effort and progress. Pinnacle also offers equipment that I have not seen at other, larger gyms I've gone to (ATP, inverse curl). Truly a great gym with fun, supportive members and trainers!”

Derrick Willock

-Training Client/Programming Client

“I’m a nationally qualified body builder, and at the beginning of this year (2019) I fractured my back due to an injury in the gym. Since training at Pinnacle my injury has gotten better, my posture has gotten better, I feel stronger than ever, and my overall quality of life has gotten better.”

Note from Ryan: Derrick and I had a couple sessions together and worked on technique around the main 3 lifts (squat, bench, and deadlift) and worked on understanding the body mechanics while under load. Learn the right techniques and the rest will follow!