Pinnacle has a feeling unlike any other gym around! The atmosphere is welcoming and the training is focused on achieving goals and putting in the work. Truly no judgement of any kind will be tolerated here! We are a close community of people that want to see everyone live a healthy and strong lifestyle!

Don’t just go to the gym and pick things up to put them down! Learn what you need to know to progress and get stronger! Whatever level of fitness you are at, you can improve here!!!


Pinnacle Strength and Fitness is the place to do it right. Started by fitness enthusiasts, for all fitness enthusiast! Strength is the game, Pinnacle is the name! Whatever ability you are currently at, you WILL progress here!

Take out the guess work with your training. If you want to build muscle, learn technique, get stronger, run faster, jump higher, or all of he above, this is your gym!


Darian T.
-Powerlifting Program Member

I got set up with a program to optimize my routine and improve my main three lifts; squat, bench, and deadlift. They created a workout based off my needs and after 14 weeks I improved my squat by 20 pounds, my bench press by 15 pounds, and my deadlift by 35 pounds! Very happy with the results of the programming, and I love the equipment! You can't find the quality needed to make real progress at most commercial gyms. I love it here!

Pam H.
-General Fitness Training Client

Working with a personal trainer at Pinnacle has changed me! I was coached in the correct form and posture for each functional mobility exercise set.  When a routine uncovers a weak or inflamed area, we step back to do precursor exercises to strengthen the supporting muscles or he substitutes alternate exercises that will work the targeted muscles, but pain-free. I’m finishing my 10th month and have recovered a level of strength and mobility that I thought were gone for good!

Shaun Newman
-Pinnacle Member

Hands down the best gym I’ve been too. Great atmosphere throughout the gym, owners are consistently updating equipment with top brands. Very welcoming and Ryan is always willing to help in anyway he can. Highly recommended if you’re looking to start working out or you’re competing. Pinnacle strength and fitness has everything you could possibly need. 10/10


Strength Training

Be strong, be stronger, be the strongest you’ve ever been. Here you WILL progress… contact us now!
Pinnacle, Where Knowledge Creates Power!


Triscia F.
-Training Client

They are always encouraging and pushed me to give it my all while at the gym. That encouragement led me to take the leap and try my hand at lifting heavy. We have worked on lifting techniques and body mechanics to ensure my safety while handling heavy weight. They are very knowledgeable about weight training and always changing routines to make sure that I am continuing to build strength in all the muscle groups needed to succeed. I am very proud of the strength I have gained physically and mentally, and a large part of that is due to Pinnacle Strength and Fitness!


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